These accelerometers are designed for rough environment and durable on site application. Dust and water protected and equipped with tough industrial connectors and cables. Their mounting base is insulated to avoid ground loops which may cause errors, particularly, close to big machinery. The cable has to be ordered separately according to the requirements of length and quality (e.g. high temperature, oil resistant, flexible metal tubing).
Models KSI80VC and KSI82VB are compatible with 4-20 mA current loop equipment.
The transducers KS80D and KSI 8xVB are available with ATEX compliance certificate.

Industrial Accelerometers Accelerometer for Harsh Environment Industrial Accelerometer with durable connector an isolated base
Type KS74C10 KS74C100 KS80D
Sensitivity 10 mV/g 100 mV/g 100 mV/g
Measuring range ±600 g ±60 g ±55 g
Linear frequency range (±3 dB) 0.12 .. 26000 Hz 0.13 .. 22000 Hz 0.13 .. 22000 Hz
Protection grade IP64 IP64 IP67
Connector TNC, axial TNC, axial Binder 713 (M12), axial
Weight 28.5 g 32 g 70 g

Industrial Accelerometers Through hole mounting industrial accelerometer Triaxial Industrial Accelerometer
Type KS81B KS813B
Axis Single Triaxial
Sensitivity 100 mV/g 100mV/g
Measuring range ±60 g ±55 g
Linear frequency range (±3 dB) 0.13 .. 11000 Hz 0.2 .. 10000 Hz
Protection grade IP67 IP67
Connector Binder 713 (M12), radial Binder 718 radial
Weight 106 g 106 g

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