Vibration Monitor/Logger

Measures vibration to DIN 4150-3, BS 7385 and much more-- with built-in piezoelectric triaxial accelerometer
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Vibration Monitor VM40


Vehicle Testing

On board measurement systems for test track as well as comprehensive measurement systems for labs
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Vehicle testing with imc


Networking Solutions

Remote monitoring over cellular LTE networks, for IoT applications
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Advanced Weigh-in-Motion Systems

Accurate vehicle load data are vital for ensuring that highway systems remain intact and safe
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WIM solutions


Fleet Management System

Wide range of fleet management products for professional applications
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Trouble-free Data Acquisition

imc measurement systems provide ease of use and trouble free measurement solutions
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Data Acquisition



Invicom Solutions

We provide measurement & data acquisition systems, sensors and software packages with cutting edge technology. Our products range from simple temperature logging to advanced, intelligent, real-time data acquisition, control and analysis systems. 

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Invicom Services

We are well equipped with know-how and advanced measurement systems to provide measurement and evaluation services—vibration, stress, strain, force, durability and fatigue life calculations. Years of experience significantly add value to the services we offer!

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Invicom Support

Our solutions come hand-in-hand with solid Customer Support. Experienced team of engineers can address questions relating to test & measurement requirements. We regularly conduct trainings and courses to help our customers keep up with latest technology.

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What We Offer