PCB Strain Gaging

Automatic assembly of PCBs in mechanical equipment requires that PCBs do not get strained beyond specifications.

Use of smaller and smaller electronic components on the PCBs and more and more layers of PCBs call for even more stringent control of assembly parameters to ensure the PCBs are not damaged during assembly. One of the effective ways to ensure theĀ survivability of the PCBs during assembly is to instrument the PCBs with strain gages and do a multiple trial run to control the process parameters.

Invicom is helping assembly process integrators and OEMs to measure and document the PCB strain during assembly for the assembly machine set up and calibration.

For such measurements it is normally required to use the strain rosettes since the direction of strain is often not known beforehands as well as principal strain direction usually changes during assembly.

Our measurement systems have built-in evaluation for principal strains, principal angle, von-Mises stress on the fly during the measurement and results can be obtained immediately for pass/fail criteria, as well as for tuning of assembly actuator.

Here are some of the gaging examples of PCBA for assembly.

Strain gage on PCB

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