Telco Tower Monitoring
Telco or Cellular towers (BTS Towers) house valuable equipment. Safety and integrity of these towers are sometimes overlooked and can lead to indisirable consequences.

We provide all-in-one solution for structural health monitoring for continuous automatic structural assessment of such towers, including both roof-top and stand-alone types. Our solution is the seamless integration of:
  • Industrial grade sensors
  • Measurement Systems with autonomous EDGE capabilities
  • Data Transmission and remote control
  • Back end analysis, alerting and reporting system

Our systems are field ready and equipped with the following state of the art features:
  • Robust and stable sensors (Long life)
  • Reliable & autonomous measurement system
  • Communication system
  • Automatic analysis, display and reporting system
  • Scalability and serviceability
  • Optimum cost
  • Simplicity of Installation & use

The above figure shows a typical configuration for a remote structural health monitoring system for a telco tower.

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