Vibration Measurement
Typical FFT Vibration Data
Placement of sensitive equipment on the production floor becomes more of a norm rather than in the bespoke laboratories for obvious production efficiency benefits. 
Sensor Placement for Ground Vibration

In one sense, equipment manufacturers specify specific floor vibration requirements for their sensitive equipment, while on the other spectrum, equipment manufacturers need to categorize their machines into standard vibration criteria to limit vibration generated by the machine to the shop floor.
Ground Vibration Measurement Setup

Most of the semi-conductor die handling facilities and machines need more stringent vibration levels or vibration criteria (VC-C and below) which necessitate use of highly sensitive accelerometers and measurement systems.

No matter whether you need to find out suitable location for the machine or know the amount of vibration generated by your machine for conformance, we are ready to assist you with our standardize measurement package.

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